About the database
NSB is the current implementation of the Neptune database (Lazarus, 1994; Spencer-Cervato, 1999). It holds hundreds of thousands of occurrence records for thousands of marine plankton microfossil species from hundreds of deep-sea ocean drilling sections; a taxonomic name management list; age models for all sections; and the geochronologic data used to create these age models. NSB serves several distinct groups of users including microfossil taxonomists, evolutionary (paleo)biologists, and paleoceanographers. A full list of all papers using, describing or mentioning the Neptune/NSB database is given here.
NSB also provides data services to the Mikrotax community catalog of microfossils and to the Geobiodiversity Database (GBDB).
NSB is free to use. User accounts are employed to maintain database security and provide feedback on user needs, and can be obtained simply with an email to one of NSB's managers (see here). The only obligation is to cite the database properly (references here) in any publications or public presentations.
About us
NSB is currently developed and maintained by Johan Renaudie and David B. Lazarus, at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin.
The NSB Advisory Board is composed of: