How to search Neptune
Using this website, you can search the database for microfossil occurrences.
Your resulting dataset will be kept for a month on the page Downloaded Datasets.
Explanations concerning the search page and the outputted datasets can be found on the help page.
Additionally you can also query the database taxonomy, the age models we used to establish the age of the samples, the stratigraphic events used to build the age models, and the event calibrations .
Recent and important changes to the website or to the database can be found here.

If you are familiar with PostgreSQL, you can access directly the database using these informations:

Port: 5432
Database name: nsb

If you are more at ease with the R programming language, a small package NSBcompanion is also available to make simple queries on the database.
Although one can peruse the database as a guest, we would advise you to ask us for a user account (which we can tailor to your needs).
Contact us
If you want to request an access to the Neptune Database, if you lost your password or if you have any other request, please contact either Johan Renaudie or Dave Lazarus. Please indicate in the email body, your name and affiliation, if possible.
How to cite the database

Renaudie, J., Lazarus, D.B., Diver P. 2020 NSB: an expanded and improved database of marine planktonic microfossil data and deep-sea stratigraphy. Palaeontologia electronica, 23(1): a11.