The Triton Database

Triton is a database of Cenozoic planktonic foraminifera. Although it is partially based on the Neptune planktonic foraminiferal data, there are some differences in the methodological decisions between Neptune and Triton. For more details of these, see Fenton et al (2021).
While we are in the process of incorporating Triton back into NSB, you can either download the full dataset here or subset the static dataset using the query below.

Ages are given on the Geological TimeScale 2020.
Paleocoordinates are calculated based on Matthews et al. 2016 plate model.

How to Cite

Fenton, I.S., Woodhouse, A., Aze, T., Lazarus, D.B., Renaudie, J., Dunhill, A.M., Young, J.R., Saupe, E.E. Triton, a New Species-Level Database of Cenozoic Planktonic Foraminiferal Occurrences. Scientific Data 8.

Search for occurrences Time span: given in million years from younger to older (e. g. 10 to 15 Ma)
Latitude and Paleolatitude: given in decimal degrees ranging from -90 to 90.
Longitude and Paleolongitude: given in decimal degrees ranging from -180 to 180.
Exclude absence data: Triton also records taxa looked for but not found in a sample; this option allows you to skip them.
Collection goal: You can filter the dataset based on the reason why the data was collected (e. g. biostratigraphic data tend to present a biased view on biodiversity).